Ever since the inception of artificial intelligence (AI), more and more industries have incorporated the technology into their operations. Essentially, AI is any task performed by a machine or a program that typically requires human intelligence. This technology is associated with behaviors such as planning, learning, problem-solving, and reasoning.

Most industries that use artificial intelligence today are related to e-commerce and marketing; however, AI in telehealth is starting to grow as well. But what exactly is the role of artificial intelligence in medicine?

Here are some things AI in telehealth can do for you:

  1. Predictive analytics

Healthcare relies heavily on data collection and analysis, from medical records to patient history. However, this data is prone to inaccuracy, mostly when manually recorded.

Using artificial intelligence for telemedicine can help you gather information more accurately, helping you stay on top of data management tasks. With predictive analytics, AI can help you improve  the delivery of services for the next appointments to come.

  1. Precision medicine

Artificial intelligence uses machine learning and deep learning to analyze the data of each patient. These advanced functions can predict the best treatment protocols — ones that are most likely to succeed.

How does AI in telehealth do this? The technology uses algorithms to analyze the patient’s attributes, symptoms, and treatment context. Not only does it provide accurate results, but it also helps the doctors save time from reviewing patient history and prescribing medications.

  1. Improved healthcare services

Overall, AI in telehealth is a useful tool. Besides the essential functions of predictive analysis and precision medicine, the technology can also improve patient screening, prevent physician burnout, and simplify hospital visits.

Healthcare professionals canonly do so much in a day. They certainly need all the help they can get, especially from an automated and accurate tool. The ultimate role of artificial intelligence in telehealth is to increase efficiency and productivity and improve customer service.


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