Patient intake kiosks are the next big thing in the healthcare sector. They make a medical professional’s work much more manageable, automating otherwise time-consuming tasks like patient check-in and invoice generation.

Before you install a brand-new patient kiosk, it’s best to familiarize yourself with its various features:

  1. Patient self-check-in and wait room management

The waiting room is one of the busiest areas in any healthcare facility. You have dozens of patients waiting to be checked-in, along with family members and significant others impatiently pacing back and forth.

A patient kiosk can streamline your check-in process, and help you monitor wait time and treatments, ultimately improving your productivity.

  1. Video monitoring

These days, people would rather do things virtually than waste time scheduling in-person appointments. Healthcare kiosks allow you to connect with your patients remotely, where you can monitor their vitals and ask them medical-related questions in real-time.

  1. Payment collection

Collecting payments can take time especially if you’re understaffed. Patient intake kiosks have easy payment collection features to seamlessly access statements and print or e-mail them for everyone’s convenience.

The benefits of installing a healthcare kiosk

Why do you need to install a patient kiosk in the first place? The answer is simple: One booth can make all the difference in improving your efficiency and productivity. Soon enough, you’ll start to see a more optimized workflow, saving you time and money in the process.

Where to install your patient intake kiosk

There are several places to install your new healthcare kiosk, depending on where you conduct your operations. For example, if your facility is located inside a mall, why not build a platform connected to the main site? Meanwhile, if you’d like to have a wider reach, you can place kiosks at various referral sites, like schools and community centers. Another way to get your patient intake kiosk started is to build a walk-in clinic for the best possible convenience.

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