The telehealth system of healthcare is reducing health readmissions because of its direct approach to patient-doctor interaction. By using OnDemand Visit, a service that connects patients to doctors within minutes via a virtual experience, patients are receiving better treatment, which in turn is reducing the number of hospital readmissions nationwide. According to The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ):

“Readmissions are the most expensive patient encounters to treat. Over $41 billion is spent each year on patient readmission within 30-days of discharge. It’s an undue burden on the overall system of care and taxpayers and employers are footing much of the $17 billion that the AHRQ says is being spent by Medicare on ’avoidable trips after discharge.’”

The uninterrupted patient-doctor experience that happens via OnDemand Visit allows for doctors to be more thorough with their treatments and consultations. The provider’s area is able to be more focused because they are not hopping from room to room to assist and treat multiple patients during a one-hour window. Instead, doctors are connected with patients directly for treatment. These virtual sessions are one-on-one and fully focused. The OnDemand Visit service also eliminates the use of nurses and receptionists, cutting out the middlemen and reducing the risk of miscommunications between healthcare professionals. OnDemand Visit is an intimate patient-doctor experience, that generates the utmost quality care to ensure the reduction of hospital readmissions.

Through OnDemand Visit, healthcare physicians cannot only initially treat their patients, but they can easily monitor their patients from the comforts of their own homes. The physician’s advantage of being able to monitor their patient in such a convenient way, allows them to duly track their patient’s progress of treatment which will allow them to notice signs of complications before hospital readmission is needed.

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