OnDemand Visit, the leaders in TeleHealth, now announce that their application integrates both with electronic health records and physician practices’ schedulers for optimal healthcare practice.

OnDemand Visit is known for Direct to Consumer TeleMedicine. It now provides even more features for Direct Primary Care, while still maintaining the safety necessary in times of pandemics. Doctors are still able to maintain a consistent patient doctor relationship while using the real time audio video call.

Not All Office Calls Require On-Site Care

Many office calls are follow-ups and requests for medication refills. It requires that the patient take time out of their busy day to visit the doctor when a video conference would work just as well. OnDemand Visit is HIPAA compliant, allowing heathcare professionals to connect with their patients and provide the healthcare services they require without the doctor leaving their practice. And with remote patient monitoring devices at kiosk or telemedicine cart, physicians are able to obtain the patient’s vital signs remotely.

Integrates Seamlessly with Electronic Health Records and Physician’s Scheduler

Two problems healthcare providers have with telehealth applications is the ability to access electronic health records (EHR) and their scheduling software through them. OnDemand Visit provides seamless access to the patients’ electronic health records, and their scheduler. Because OnDemand Visit integrates with the practice’s scheduler, patients using OnDemand Visit can schedule their telehealth appointments directly to the doctor’s calendar, allowing the patient handle their own appointment scheduling. Using the App is easy and simply requires the patient to enter their profile information, their insurance or mode of payment, and their pharmacy. Patients are automatically paired with doctors using geolocation tracking to ensure that the patient receives healthcare within their area. Doctors are able to request lab work, order prescriptions, and provide a plan of action seeing their patient with OnDemand Visit.

Convenience and Safety in Uncertain Times

Dealing with COVID-19 has now added a level of complexity healthcare providers have to deal with. A simple cold or sniffles now becomes a serious concern with the current pandemic. Many physicians are testing positive for COVID-19 due to the proximity of their patients. When a person with COVID-19 enters the waiting room, they put all those in the waiting room in jeopardy. During times of pandemics, it’s still important for a doctor to see their patients, while still maintaining a safe distance. OnDemand Visit allows healthcare workers to avoid unnecessary contact while still providing a high standard of care.

Source: https://www.prlog.org/12823089-ondemand-visit-now-integrate-with-your-ehr-and-integrate-with-your-practice-scheduler.html

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