OnDemand Visit, an all-in-one secure, telehealth platform, is proud to announce the addition of new technology for our clients and their patients. Our new Insurance Card technology allows users to input and save insurance card as well as input credit card information. Now virtual medical providers can process payment or capture Insurance information digitally before starting the consultation, improving cash flow management.

This secure digital option provides a seamless customer experience for clients using therapist and physician services via web-based portals and/or smart phones, smart tablets or other connectivity technology. Now clinicians and doctors can consult with patients, document the virtual visit, prescribe necessary medications and complete the payment efficiently and conveniently from any connected device.

Doctors and other medical providers can also share notes and order lab reports through the same AI supported technology.

OnDemand Visit relies on AI and machine-learning tools to identify patients, based on geo-location and insurance career; our technology pair them with the nearest, in-network care provider, simplifying scheduling and budget management for patients and their medical team. The technology provides a quick, effective way to connect with doctors in real-time OnDemand, anytime anywhere the services are needed.

While coverage varies by individual policy, most major insurance providers now recognize the vital role that telemedicine plays in the twenty-first century. Service delivery coding for telepsychiatry and mental health services rules have changes during the COVID-19 crisis to make it easier than ever to connect with patients. The American Psychiatric Association (APA) has information about how to code virtual visits for maximum reimbursement and accuracy. The OnDemand Visit platform makes it easier for patients and their providers to connect than many in-office solutions.

OnDemand Visit provides innovative opportunities through a true clinical telemedicine technology to meet the needs of your patients with fully integrated web-based payment solutions.

About OnDemand Visit, Inc.

OnDemand Visit, Inc. is an all-in-one direct-to-consumer telehealth platform that enables the highest level of quality and cost-effective healthcare for patients, regardless of where they are located. Technology offers a built-in AI and Machine learning tool to identify patients based on Geo-Location and pair them with the nearest licensed care provider within the network. The secured solution connects patients, employees, and members with doctors in real-time or OnDemand. This enterprise-wide virtual care solution engages more conveniently than in-person office visits. A true clinical telemedicine technology. For more information call, 800-638-5535. Find out more about OnDemand Visit and our other medical solutions at www.ondemandvisit.com.  Learn more about ODV Solution : https://youtu.be/PLWedX6pwp8

Source: https://www.prlog.org/12823087-ondemand-visit-inc-launch-integrated-payment-option-now-patient-can-pay-by-insurance-or-creditcard-before-video-visit-consult.html

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