The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically changed the medical landscape. It made telemedicine more prominent and widely practiced, and it led to the extensive use of the healthcare kiosk to streamline services, while eliminating or at least minimizing physical or direct contact between medical workers and patients. Both may seem like mere trends for as long as the corona virus and social distancing measures are around. However, they are likely to stay, as health care facilities realize that healthcare kiosks are great investments that can increase their efficiency and ensure the health and safety of both patients and employees. So, even when the pandemic ends, you can still expect discerning and well-meaning medical facilities to continue using those systems and procedures.


Streamline services


The healthcare kiosk is particularly important to medical and frontline workers as it provides a quicker and streamlined way to check-in patients, while protecting in-house staff from communicable diseases. This manner of patient check-in provides users more control over the registration process to minimize errors when recording personal information. Moreover, it speeds up bill payments and the application of co-pays. As a result, those crucial procedures are streamlined and do not take up more resources.


Support telemedicine


Healthcare kiosks simplify the delivery of telehealth services between patient and physician and  encourages in reducing person-to-person contact. It may help protect employees while providing a reliable means to provide consultation and maintain sufficient social distance.


The future of healthcare kiosks


With many healthcare facilities aiming to prevent the spread of contagious diseases, the healthcare kiosk is likely to continue being used for another year or more. Moreover, people are becoming more confident with technology and using alternative communication methods to talk to a physician. The presence of healthcare kiosks may even expand from hospitals and clinics to pharmacies, large businesses, and schools. High-end kiosks are already equipped with the tools and capabilities to retrieve important information like vital signs. Some are even capable of doing mental health screening and waiting room management.


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