The COVID-19 has dramatically reduced in-person visits to clinics, making it difficult for some practices to stay afloat. Those that manage to thrive in this pandemic are using white-label telehealth. It offers an affordable, quick, and secure telemedicine platform for healthcare practices that want to bring their services online. With white-label telehealth platforms, private practitioners don’t need to build a secure telemedicine platform from scratch and go through all the troubles of implementing the new technology in their clinics.

Are you interested in this solution? Here are the other things you must know about white-label telehealth:

Get up and running in no time

While it is ideal to hire a software development company and launch your own telemedicine platform, this option is often impractical. It is expensive and as well as time-consuming to have a platform designed according to your unique requirements. White-label telemedicine is better because it is ready to be used by your practice. Providers can help you shift your practice from a clinic setting to a virtual one in a matter of hours. If you want to start providing telemedicine services as soon as possible without spending a lot of money, a white-label platform is the best way.

Ensure security of telemedicine consultations

Using free video conferencing tools may be the cheapest way to offer telemedicine consultations. But they are definitely not the most secure options. Thus, they are not recommended. Meanwhile, leading white-label telehealth platforms are HIPAA-compliant, making sure that all healthcare information remains safe and secure. This way, you can fulfill your responsibility to guarantee the confidentiality of every case and information of all your patients.

Save money and time on marketing

Another advantage of a white-label platform is that it can be branded with your name and own logo so it doesn’t look the same as those of other healthcare providers that also lease the same platform. You can customize to look uniquely yours. Leading platforms can help you custom-fit the platform to your needs and requirements so you can begin launching your apps on Google Play store and Apple App Store and start offering telemedicine services.


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