Businesses are shifting their gears and heading towards a more direct approach to serving customers. Even the healthcare industry is starting to embrace the change, using direct-to-consumer (DTC) platforms to access clients much easier.

One such direct-to-consumer platform for healthcare facilities is the telehealth kiosk. When used properly, it can benefit providers by increasing patient retention, expanding reach, and improving productivity and efficiency.

How exactly can you use DTC platforms? Here are five effective strategies to help you succeed:

  1. Engage with your patients

The best thing about direct-to-consumer platforms is you can engage with your patients without needing to meet them in person. You can do this through video calls, text messages, online chat rooms, and push notifications.

  1. Track and monitor progress regularly

Having trouble keeping track of your patient records and client information? Worry no more. DTC platforms allow you to track everyone’s progress and discover trends in their medical data. You can even share the data quickly, connecting with other departments in your facility.

  1. Automate your workflow

Missed appointments and late schedules could affect an entire day’s work. You need a way to automate reminders and notifications, ensuring that your patients meet you on time. Luckily, DTC platforms can do all of that and more, from automating patient screening to payment capturing.

  1. Offer services in remote locations

There’s no better way to bring direct-to-consumer services than by operating in several locations. But how can you do this? DTC platforms like healthcare kiosks can be installed anywhere, allowing you to connect them to your main site or build referral sites in schools and malls.

  1. Take advantage of the security

Your consumers surely value security, especially if it concerns their personal information. Using direct-to-consumer platformswith advanced security features is the best strategy to guarantee your success, since people are more likely to trust you. Plus, you can opt for systems that comply with HIPPA and COPPA standards to ensure the utmost confidentiality!

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