Patient Kiosk

Healthcare Kiosk: Enhancing Patient Experience

With our intuitive Patient Kiosk, you can automate patient registration, payment collection, collecting patient's basic intake information, vital data and assessments. Providing patients with check-in kiosk gives people more access to their registration process. This process ensures fewer errors in personal information and provides easy access to paying bills at the booth.
Healthcare Kiosk
telemedicine kiosk
Patient Self Check-in

Provide Check-in Kiosk to your practice to improve efficiency and productivity.

telehealth kiosk
Video Conferencing

Connect easily to remote patients through our self-service Kiosks.

patient intake kiosk
Wait Room Management

Easy accessibility to wait time monitoring and treatments.

healthcare kiosk
Mental Health Screening

Use our standard screening tools to help you screen patients for behavior health related issues right at the primary care or before discharging patients from hospitals.

telehealth kiosk
Payment Collection

Easily collect payments through patients during check-in or check-out as per your workflow. Easy access to patient statements and ability to print / email statements for convenience.

Health Kiosk
Remote Vital Monitoring

Biometric & Diagnostic devices allow providers to virtually monitor patient vitals in real time.

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Build a Walkin Clinic for Your Patients
Build a Referral Medical Site
Build a Platform to Connect to the Main Site
Critical Care

Be available to your patients when they need you. Our technology helps eliminate the chance of missing any of your patient's critical requirement by making your staff accessible to the 24/7.

Assisted Living Kiosk

Increase your revenue, occupancy and resident satisfaction while improving your Assisted Living Facility. We provide a customized solution that will just fit to your requirement

Various Usability to Healthcare Kiosk

Actually our Healthcare kiosk can add to different zones of your healthcare delivery model utilizing your existing skill. It can work like you without you always present there. You can take care of your patients across your field in various locations and thus giving you the way to broaden your revenue stream capitalizing on your and organization's skill

Healthcare kiosks have been used for quite some time now as a telemedicine machine with primary focus on enhancing productivity and also help optimally manage costs in a typical healthcare setting. The kiosks are present at a pharmacy, a doctor’s clinic, a hospital or even at areas where telemedicine operations and healthcare-related education is considered important. Places like schools, community centers or even malls where information related to healthcare need to be and can be disseminated with ease, use modern machines or health kiosks to do so.

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Advantages of a digitized machine lies in the fact that using the kiosk, patients can consult with a doctor or a healthcare provider without the need to go in for a physical face-to-face meeting. The use of telemedicine kiosks saves the patient from traveling all the way to a doctor’s clinic and for the medical healthcare professional, the use of the health kiosks is the ideal way to save logistics and admin costs associated with maintaining a clinic.

OnDemand Visit brings to you an advanced telemedicine health kiosk – a machine that is a promise of technical supremacy and seamless operations. We are one of the leading solution providers in the domain of telemedicine kiosks. We endeavor to help the healthcare industry take their service offerings several notches higher, which is why we have the healthcare kiosk - a machine that helps connect patients and the medical fraternity digitally; that is a big saving in terms of costs and time.

Why use the OnDemand Visit Telemedicine Kiosk?

  • Healthcare professionals, irrespective of their scale of operations, can now connect seamlessly and smoothly with their patients through a video call using the smart kiosk.
  • Health workers can now reach potential patients. With the help of kiosk, health checkups can be done and advised even for people who are not motivated enough to visit a hospital but need some form of medical assistance.
  • This new-age telemedicine machine or kiosk can be used for targeting patients through the use of personalized marketing campaigns.


Besides helping with virtual checkups, our smart machines or telemedicine healthcare kiosks, are designed with user-friendly features. Our telemedicine kiosk is compliant with government regulations and can be used strategically to support various key functions in a healthcare environment:

  • Use the OnDemand Visit telemedicine kiosks to capture essential patient data for example, their personal data, symptoms, payment method and more.
  • The high-tech machine or the OnDemand Visit kiosk can enable the doctor or the surgeon to see a patient virtually and remotely, in another location with ease. This means that patients need not waste time anymore for a clinician to meet and check them up.
  • In smaller practices, our digital kiosks help patients to enter their health records and check into the facility. This is a good and economical way to free up the time of dedicated manpower resources and let them dedicate themselves to other more crucial areas of work.
  • Using the smart telemedicine kiosk, patients can schedule a future appointment and make payments for the present or a future visit.


Besides healthcare facilities like clinics and hospitals, the OnDemand Visit telemedicine kiosks are offering pharmacists a really easy-to-use machine that helps them dispense few over-the-counter drugs and medications for medical issues for common cold and allergies.

With OnDemand Visit telemedicine machine, you will have a technically advanced kiosk solution that will help you offer optimized patient care while reducing your administrative costs and bad debts.

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