Telepsychiatry Solutions

According to the current Mental Health statistics, roughly 20% of all adult Americans have been affected by a mental health disorder, and that one in 25 is currently suffering. An increase in the number of patients with mental health problems decreases the number of providers but by introducing. Tele-Medicine in Behavioral Counseling bridges this gap. Reports also suggest that Virtual Treatment for Mental Health is as effective as in-person treatment. To understand more, schedule a demo by clicking on the button at the bottom right corner.
Telepsychiatry Solutions

Improved Patient Care

Robust APK & SDK Libraries

For seamless integration with the third-party systems and processes

High Quality Video

For the clarity and greater bonding between the patient and the care provider, also helps in building better care system.

Intelligent Workflow

Customized rules to control Patient Registration and routing to the appropriate provider

Marlyn Rivera
We started our Psychiatry division transition to Tele- Psychiatry a few weeks back and everything went great with the great team this organization has. I definitely recommend them for their cutting edge technology and easy usability.
We strongly recommend this company for the faster transition and their latest technology. The company's team does a great job with the whole process of moving to latest system.

Dealing with mental issues can be challenging for the patient and the family. A big step towards effective deliverance of psychiatric help is the digitized telepsychiatry solutions. These solutions help the patient connect with the caregiver, from the comfort of his home or office.

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Telepsychiatry takes the help of smart technology, especially videoconferencing, for evaluating, educating, and providing therapy.

While the role of telepsychiatry cannot be doubted, it is imperative that doctors and their patients need a robust system for communication.

The OnDemand Visit telepsychiatry solution has been designed and equipped with advanced technology to ensure seamless connection and communication between the patient and the healthcare provider. In a live, interactive environment, it is not the only convenience that our platform addresses; we go beyond to make our platform affordable and provide picture-perfect connectivity to offer optimized mental health services.

With hands-on easy-to-use features, our telepsychiatry solutions offer an environment,

-     Where anyone with a mental issue can get medical support. With telepsychiatry, one can go beyond questions like accessibility and confidentially and seek medical help.

-     In case of severe cases where mobility may be an issue, our smart app is nothing short of a perfect method to provide psychiatric help and support.

-     Our system offers integrative support that helps provide health care and primary care using the same platform.

-     Our smart and modernized telepsychiatry platform removes transportation barriers and confidentiality-related barriers.

-     It takes care of issues like emergencies, delays, and continuity of care.


Whatever is the distance or remote location, OnDemand Visit telepsychiatry platform facilitates the treatment of psychiatric and mental patients in a safe, comfortable, and private manner.

The OnDemand Visit telepsychiatry solution is a high-tech niche platform that helps mental health workers and medical professionals offer effective high-quality psychiatric and diagnostic care and treatment accurately and on time to patients who need it.

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