Solutions for Skilled Nursing Facilities

Patients can be diagnosed through video call, after getting their vitals assessed through our kiosk setup. Clinicians can then observe the relevant data of the patient and take informed decisions, all without the patient and clinician needs to meet face to face. This makes sure that the doctor is able to reach more patients in a short interval of time. You can know more about how we can help by contacting us on our phone or submitting the form on the contact us page and we will contact you as soon as possible. You can also request a demo by clicking on the button at the bottom right corner!

telepsychiatry solutions
Our Tele Health kiosk makes it possible for the doctors to diagnose patients without being there physically.
The Medical Assistant can bring the telemedicine cart into the Patient’s room and can then connect a call with the patient and doctor using our proprietary software platform.
The Medical assistant or nurse can use various peripherals that come with the kart to provide the exact and precise information on the patient.
The Doctor can then observe and examine the patient over the video call, assess the patient’s vitals and makes informed decision all through without any requirement to be present there.
Our Turnkey TeleHealth Solution

Our Skilled Nursing Solution is turnkey and easy to implement. We provide the technology, a customized staffing solution, free training and free 24/7 IT support to fit your needs.

We offer customized Solutions

During the process of Implementation we try to understand your requirement and customize the solution if required. We can also offer Private label solution for your Organization.

Improve Your Service Rating

Our Skilled Nursing Care Facility will help lower the readmission rates, decrease emergency room visits, and improve the Five Star Ratings for your facility.

Reduce Re-admission Rate

Re-admissions are expensive and cost hefty sum plus put the patients at risk. With our Solution implementation you can save this cost plus become the first choice for your patient base.

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