Private Label Telemedicine Platform

Reduce time to market by adopting our state-of-the-art telehealth platform. Provide your patients with confidence in your corporate brand and providers. We help you take your practice from a clinic setting to virtual in minutes. Your patients and providers will use own branded apps and portals for optimal performance. Take advantage of the advanced technology and reach patients anywhere in the world. Your patients will get their timely consultation. They can be traveling on to a business trip and benefit from a consultation at the airport while they are waiting for their boarding time or they can be at home taking care of their kids while having their consultation – the opportunities are limitless!
White Label Telemedicine Platform
Reduce Time to Market : With our out of the box solution you can start accepting Telehealth Patients in less than 24 hours.
Multiple Telehealth Delivery Models : Enable your practice with not just telemedicine but tools to provide different direct-to-consumer telehealth solutions.
Increase Revenue : OnDemand Visit will help you optimize your workflow and efficiency, while adopting new technology.
Increased Visibility : As adoption to telehealth is widely accepted and preferred, private label option gives better brand visibility to patients.
white label telehealth
Higher Brand Value
Having the platform in your Brand name creates bigger value for your healthcare organization
telehealth consulting services
Effective Customer Relationship Management
It also keeps the patients coherent with every service or upgrades you can provide to them.
white label telemedicine app
Better Visibility
Your Organization is easily searchable by its name across all the platforms. This increases the retention naturally and hence better revenue & profitability.
End To End Private Branding Solution

We will help you through the end to end integration of branding your practice across all the platform. The Ondemand Visit Solution is designed to serve to create your brand value from day one.

Customize to Your Requirements

Our OnDemand Visit Solution will be customized according to your requirement even if the workflow is complex, we will make it easy for your transition to your own brand name.

Increase the Value of Your Organization

The overall process of transitioning to OnDemand Visit and getting it in your brand name is going to add multiple advantages for your delivery mode. It guarantees a bigger value for your organization inherently.

The OnDemand Visit platform helps medical and healthcare professionals offer patients personalized care through remote and virtual connect. With our white label app option, you can now further customize your offerings towards patient care. 

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OnDemand Visit Telemedicine white label app offers a smart way to brand medical practices in a patient-centric environment. The result: your medical practice can grow sustainably with your branding requirements met optimally.

OnDemand Visit white label telemedicine platform is a storehouse of benefits, both for patients and doctors.

For patients, the white-label digital app offers the following features.

- The ease of booking appointments and making payments virtually;

- Connect with the healthcare provider or doctor for regular monthly visits and check-ups;

- Have their health monitored on a timely basis;

- Ease of browsing through the different healthcare officials and doctors available to attend appointments;

- Get an electronic prescription from the doctor;

- Meet and chat with the doctor through video calling and messaging;

- Seamlessly access different content like blogs and articles on health-related domain; 

- Receive marketing notifications from time to time. This is a cost-effective marketing tool, helping save the costs of the medical facility.

For the healthcare facility like doctor’s clinics, hospitals, and other such areas, our white label telemedicine platform offers: 

  1. The chance to brand the app, thereby helping with your marketing, promotions, and branding activities.
  3. Patients can download the app for free from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. In the modernday where contagious viruses are the latest predators, it is a big convenience for conducting and growing your medical business.
  5. Patients and customers can now easily search for your medical practice online because the white label platform from OnDemand Visit bears the brand name of your practice or clinic.
  7. Use your logo and images to brand the telemedicine app as well as complete it with detailed information about your facility.

We have equipped our smart telemedicine platform with medical trackers that help patients keep track of crucial health dimensions like blood sugar, blood pressure, Creatinine, and so on. Further, their online records can be updated and shared with your staff for advice and care.

For optimizing your services, trust the telemedicine white label app from OnDemand Visit.


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