Simple, Secure Telehealth Platform

OnDemand Visit provides flexibility to small group practices, hospitals to payers to enable Telehealth services in their network. From cash only practice to insurance coverage, OnDemand Visit to Schedule Visit, our platform can handle it all. We make sure to provide a seamless implementation of the platform in your organization, while also making sure to keep your personal demands in mind.
Telehealth Solutions
Fee for Service

You can start offering telemedicine as fee for service model. Patients can register online and pay for OnDemand Visits in your licensed states based on your preferred work hours.

Telehealth Solutions
Concierge Service

Create your own membership model to provide concierge services to your patients. It also provides you flexibility to create corporate accounts management and referral workflow automation as well.

Advanced Telehealth Solutions
Scheduled Visits

Overlay our platform on your current EHR system to find out provider availability and open up those time for cash pay patients to reserve. Maximize your office productivity with our integrated platform.

Today, where the risk of spread of contagious viruses is on the rise, it is essential to adjust to the dynamic requirements of modern-day health care requirements and adopt advanced telemedicine and telehealth solutions for optimized services. A sustainable solution is one that prioritizes telemedicine to provide healthcare services. The way is to use high-end solutions on telemedicine and telehealth. With most small practices and more significant medical facilities gearing up to implement telemedicine solutions, it is time that you also tie-up with the right vendor for cost-effective telehealth advanced solutions.

OnDemand Visit offers HIPPA and COPPA compliant advanced telehealth solution that is committed to taking care of the patients’ privacy and confidentiality as much as you are!

We completely understand the essence of patient care and how important it is for medical healthcare providers to connect with their patients regularly. OnDemand Visit is digitized telemedicine and telehealth advanced solution that offers optimized telehealth with remote enablement features so that patients can be in touch with their medical caregivers at all times, through remote connection.

Our telehealth solutions are all about offering routine check-ups and telemedicine to your patients, especially elderly and disabled patients, as also for others. OnDemand Visit telehealth platform provides the right solution focused on telemedicine, where transportation can be challenging, and the spread of disease is a significant cause of concern.

While offering telemedicine benefits to your patients, our advanced telehealth solution also brings you the best solution to reduce operational costs and maximize revenues and earnings.  From video conferencing that enables face-to-face telehealth interactions, screen sharing, virtual telehealth consultation, instant chat messages, electronic telehealth prescriptions, and telemedicine clinical documentation, our solution is multi-faceted. Incorporated with high-end security features like encryption and security protocols for patient data security, our advanced solution for telemedicine is compliant with all required government regulations and industry standards.

With the OnDemand Visit advanced telemedicine solution, you will be able to achieve the following with maximum efficiency:

  • Security of patient information and data
  • Offer advanced telehealth and telemedicine healthcare solutions from remote locations, and most of all.
  • A seamless patient telehealth experience without missing any element of personal appointments with doctors and medical healthcare providers.
Patient Engagement

Increase you patient engagement with our powerful secure video call, automated text messages, secured chat, push notifications and many other incredible tools.

Automate Workflow

Automate your telehealth workflow with our robust AI powered patient screening tools and patient's consent, signature and payment capture.

Tracking and Analytics

Our interactive intake form builder lets you track patient's progress and trend it over multiple encounters. Easy data share capabilities makes interoperability simple yet secure.

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