Shift Your Practice to OnDemand To Respond to The New Changes

Almost every health care practitioner, be it private practice or an organization, is embracing OnDemand Visit to keep up with the changing industry dynamics in healthcare. Be available to your patient anytime they want. This is possible while they are at home or traveling around the world – the patient can get their consultation from their trusted doctors.


OnDemand Visit is a customizable telehealth app that allows healthcare providers to easily diagnose, treat and prescribe from the convenience of their mobile device or PC. Patients report their symptoms through our built-in evidence-based guidelines, then request a secure video visit with the provider real-time or schedule for a more in-depth consultation.








Our platform is designed to provide easy, secure and quick access to telehealth for providers and patients.  OnDemand Visit will enable your practice to provide direct-to-consumer care within minutes.

Our unique workflow will enhance your practice’s performance and improve profitability.  Our unique wait-room and Triage features will help you provide enhanced patient care.

Benefits of Telehealth

Our secure telehealth platform enables your practice to provide direct-to-consumer, concierge service or PMPM model.  Our platform would help you,

  • Increase Patient Retention 
  • Expand Patient Outreach
  • Increase Access to Care
  • Improve Productivity & Efficiency

The physician can easily diagnose, treat and prescribe from the convenience of their smart devices or computers. Get complete assessments on patients through our AI powered engine to provide better patient care.

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