911Triage Solutions

The 911 Emergency Department Triage solution allows staff to screen patients and rank each one in terms of the severity of their condition at the place of origin. OnDemand visit team developed a 911Triage solution to help EMS team to provide appropriate care to patients using telemedicine as a tool.  In most cases transport to the hospitals may be avoided by providing treatment in place through Telehealth.  

911-Triage:  Telehealth Reduces unnecessary hospital admissions and providing care to patient's home.

With the Emergency Triage, Treat, and Transport (ET3) model, emergency healthcare workers can connect with healthcare providers via telehealth to answer the questions of who needs care, when they need it, and where they should receive it. This model has been proven to reduce the number of avoidable transports and unnecessary hospitalizations. The 911Triage solution essentially helps the beneficiary to receive care faster and also save on out of pocket cost. 

  • Just a call away for 24*7.
  • First aid on your doorsteps
  • Get cure in no time.
  • No travel needed and cost-effective.
  • All-time availability of Nurse.
  • Provide patient-centered care.
  • Treatment at place
  • Performance-based payment
  • Alternative Ambulance transport

Patients can connect with a clinician via the TeleMedicine Solution courtesy of OnDemand Visit, Inc. before they decide to leave their home. The right triage ED solution manages to provide individualized care without jeopardizing the limited resources of healthcare workers.

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